SURGERY MALE (Shoulders, biceps and triceps)

Clinica Sanza pays particular attention to male aesthetic care.

Every day is more common the interest of men to look and feel good, improving their quality of life and even their self-esteem.
There are numerous treatments designed to renew the man’s body, having in common the idea of highlighting the masculine features and their proportions as well. In this article we will talk about aesthetic improvement of shoulders and arms by placing implants.

Big and strong arms with a perfect definition go through the minds of all men. However sometimes despite doing sport or gym is not possible to achieve desired results. In other times there are asymmetries between arms and shoulders due to illness or accidents, which can perfectly be corrected.
In Clinica Sanza we perform the best techniques to increase size and achieve symmetry with maximum definition of shoulders and arms by placing silicone implants. These procedures are performed by our team of surgeons quickly and safely as ambulatory surgery.

In your medical consultation we will take a detailed medical history analyzing body proportions and taking into account your expectations. Thus we will recommend using silicone implants with shapes and sizes adequate to your case in order to achieve best results.
We perform this procedure under local anesthesia and sedation providing more safety during the surgery, an easy fast recovery time with lower costs.

We put both prosthesis shoulders and arms through a single armpit scar completely hidden.
1- For shoulders we need to highlight and define the deltoid muscle shape. Thus we have 2 options:
– Use two midsize implants with “heart” or “tears” shaped located below the muscle in the anterior and posterior portions.
– Use 1 unique and wider implant completely under the muscle.

We will perform the best technique in order to achieve best results for you depending on the shape of shoulders and the desired muscle tone.
For arms we define and improve biceps and triceps projection. For this we use elongated and ovoid shaped implants of about 15-20 cm long and 6-8 cm wide, placed under each muscle. Thus we get desired shape and size with a completely natural look, as we do with implants for pectorals, buttocks and calves.

Postoperative care is very simple and you could be back for daily activities only avoid heavy physical exertion. We will place a bandage on the shoulders and arms for 24 to 48 hours.

Results could be seen in 2 days. However, after decreasing postoperative swelling you will notice the improvement of shape and definition of your shoulders and arms as you desired.

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