The sideface surgery includes all the treatments that allow a definition of the most marked and defined facial features. A well-defined jaw and chin, without exaggeration projected cheekbones, straight nose or back are some characteristics of a male face. It is always recommended a specific assessment in order to propose the most appropriate treatment option for each individual case or patient preferences. Male sideface surgery includes even the fronto-parietal bones. Sometimes we raise them and sometimes diminish, finding the best facial bone structure that defines the male profile and in proportion to a body more or less athletic or developed.

  • OPERATING ROOM: Appointment Treatments or 1-2 hours of operating room
  • ANESTHESIA: Local, Local + sedation
  • SURGERY: Ambulatory

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To mark the traits we can use three techniques:


Hyaluronic acid (temporary) and the polyacrylamide (permanent), which are biocompatible with the body, stable over time and with similar consistency to the tissue in which it is implanted, natural effect and imperceptible to the touch. We recommend a filler or padding when the patient wants to see how it would look and is afraid of an intervention or want something reabsorbable. Normally fillers are infiltrated in a single session, although several additional sessions may be possible if you want to get a male sideface more gradually. The recovery is immediate, there is a small swelling that disappears in a day and no residual pain. The results are excellent and safe. The infiltration is performed under local anesthesia and can be done directly in the appointment.


The stable and definitive projection of the chin and mandibular angle, cheekbones and front parietal bone lines increase can be effected with own fat (lipofilling).

The technique is very similar to fillers but instead of using an absorbable substance we inject the patient’s own fat that is take using a syringe from the abdomen or flank.


If you want to emphasize with greater precision and accuracy, meaning to wish the best possible result, it is always advisable to use prosthesis instead of fillers or augmentation with own fat. The prostheses that allow making manly features have different shapes and sizes according to each patient’s face and desires. We advise to bring a photo of any model with the desired features to value what you want and approach the maximum to your expectations or overcome them. Prosthesis is placed inside the mouth and leaves no visible scars.

A cleft chin can be crossed by a small indentation or a small central hole. It is an inherited genetic trait and can be emulated by surgery in patients who wish or conversely, patients who have it and want to dissimulate it. Both procedures, to do it or to remove it, can be achieve trough ambulatory surgery under local anesthesia and a rapid recovery period without further discomfort.

Every nose is different and gives great personality to face. It happens the same with the eyebrows, eyes and lips, but stood at the center of the face, is one of the anatomical structures that should be treated with more caution. Not all noses must be equal or made equal, this is our first premise. Everyone is born with a more or less pretty nose and most ungraceful noses can be improved easily with some retouching, without greatly changing the facial physiognomy. In extreme cases of very unbalanced noses to the patient’s face, we do suggest complete remodelation.


Simple Rhinoplasty:

Is one that can be done under local anesthesia or sedation on an outpatient basis. Is to improve small details of the partition, back, wide tip or fall; fix small details that make an ugly nose in a nice and no complexing nose, leaving a masculine nose and according to the facial and body constitution of the patient.


Full rhinoplasty:

We made it when the nasal bone is very large, wide or very prominent; when there is tortion of the septum; breathing difficulty, when nasal fractures are crooked and the patient is no comfortable with it. What we do in these cases is correct own nose bones and septum, leaving perfectly straight to breathe and then straighten the crooked nose, improving functional and aesthetically. A complete rhinoplasty can totally change a nose making it thinner and smaller if the patient wishes and facial and bodily features correspond.

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