Male chest should be broad-shouldered, defined pecs and small nipple areola complex, contain no fat but be flat or muscular shaped.

Sometimes the chest and shoulders do not grow well producing a gynoid chest that even looks unmanly in some cases.

When a young kid or a grown man want to improve your pecs then please make a correct assessment upon each particular case, in order to bring the end to what the patient desired result.

  • OPERATING ROOM: 1-2 hours of operating theater
  • ANESTHESIA: Local + sedation
  • SURGERY: Ambulatory

All our treatments are outpatient; the patient can start their normal activities after leaving the clinic, taking care not to perform forced movements. Exercise can be gradually restarted after a month of surgery.

Stiches are absorbable or sometimes are removed after 8-10 days; the swelling may take 1-3 weeks, during which it is advisable to use an elastic bandage. 4-6 days after surgery the patient may return to work (depending on whether it is a sedentary work or it doesn’t involve overexertion of pectoral muscle) and likewise resume their social life. After three weeks, the patient may resume most demanding activities involving movement of the arms, forced labor, including the gym or sport.

Before and after Pectorals pictures

Before and after pectoral excess pictures


We can improve male chest in the following cases:

Fat excess and / or gland in the breast of man leaves a feminine appearance. The mammary gland in a man can be develop due to improper balance between androgen and estrogen. Androgens are hormones that create male characteristics such as hair growth, muscle size and a deep voice. Estrogens are hormones that create female characteristics. Changes in the levels of these hormones or the way the body uses or responds to them can cause abnormal breast development, ie gynecomastia.

More than half of boys develop gynecomastia during puberty.

Other causes include:

  • Obesity or overweight
  • Anabolic steroid hormones exposure
  • Exposure to estrogen hormone
  • (Deficiency) lack of testosterone (male hormone)
  • Aging
  • Cancer Chemotherapy
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Renal failure dialysis
  • Marijuana

Surgical correction is either through a small incision through the areola to remove excess gland or through liposuction to remove excess fat, or a combination of both. In all cases can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation, surgery is always outpatient. Once involved, the patient should wear a compressive girdle in the area for a few days. The results are excellent and very satisfactory since gynecomastia is very complexing for both a young kid and a grown man.

A pectoral muscle undeveloped leaves a child image of the chest. To improve it, we can use filler or pectoral prosthesis. Initially this process was reserved for purely reconstructive cases like Poland’s syndrome.

Today, pectoral prosthesis are placed in the following circumstances:

  • If the patient is not satisfied with the size of his pecs because it is too small relative to his body
  • If any of them have an asymmetry
  • If the continuous effort with prolonged exercise routines has failed to visible results

We advise to put absorbable hyaluronic acid filler when the patient wants:

  • Fix a small volumetric defect
  • Want to try how it would be a definitive implant.

Looking for the faint scar as possible, the surgeon realizes a short incision in the armpit; through this incision is created a pocket under the pectoral muscle where the implant is placed. The procedure itself takes about an hour. After surgery the patient must wear a compression bandage is removed the next day and replaced with a special belt that enables us to keep the prosthesis in the desired location.

The hospital stay is ambulatory, the stitches are removed after 10-12 days. The implants produce very rewarding and final results.

The sternal or rib collapse (pectus excavatum) can occur in varying degrees. It can be central or lateral and becomes more evident in adolescence by the growth around the bone and cartilaginous skeleton.

In these cases proper planning of the type of procedure to performed is necessary, as this will require, according to the case, correction of the defect and the remodeling of adjacent areas to symmetrize structures and allow a more harmonious chest.

In mild cases, the filling with hyaluronic acid or fatty tissue may be an alternative. We recommend the use of silicone implant tailored defect, especially in cases where there is an important asymmetry.

The reconstruction of the nipple and areola is a possible treatment when:

  • Men develop a very large size and position, making asymmetric areolas with respect to each other.
  • When he has had a burn, traumatic injures or some diseases of the nipple

The reconstruction of areola and nipple allows equalize the position, size, shape, texture areola, color and natural nipple projection. The tissue is used to reconstruct the nipple and areola is get from your body, for example it may come from the other areola, the other nipple, groin or scrotum skin.

You may use a tattoo to match the color of the nipple and areola from the other breast. Some people choose to have a single tattoo without the reconstruction of the nipple and areola. Perhaps the plastic surgeon can use pigments tone that causes the tattoo look three-dimensional.

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