There are multiple malformations affecting the pinna. We consider malformations asymmetries ears, lack of growth or abnormal growth (prominent ears), deployed ears, which means, all those deformities of the ears that are not caused by accidents, tumors or burns, but a congenital disease developed by the baby at birth or during the first years of life.

  • OPERATING ROOM: 1-2 hours inside the OR
  • ANESTHESIA: Local + Sedation
  • SURGERY: Ambulatory
Defects can be classified into:
  • Anotia
  • Full hypoplasia (microtia) or partial
  • Prominent ears (protruding ears)
Several features are important to take account in order to achieve the desired ear and a successful reconstruction:
  • The ovoid contour of the ear
  • The protrusion
  • The orientation of the vertical axis
  • Size
  • The definition

Before and after pictures

The plastic surgeon is able to create a new ear when you are born without (anotia) or some missing parts (microtia) or when you lose it because of a trauma. In all cases of deformities of the ear, treatment to achieve symmetry and prettier ears varies greatly depending on the degree of deformity. Should be assessed to pose reconstruction involvement in one or two surgical times, depending on the difficulty. In such cases, we have to take skin, cartilage and other tissues to create a new ear.

OTOPLASTIA OREJAS, orejas prominentes


The surgery performed more frequently is “protruding ears”. It is an intervention requested by the parents of some children and even young or mature men, for the psychological problems that this deformity can result.

The correction of protruding ears or on cup shape or prominent is always done through a small incision, which is often practiced behind or in front of the ear, leaving an invisible scar. From this incision the ear cartilage is reshaped, causing it to fold in appropriate and desired sites.

May further reduce the size of large ears, if desired.

All procedures are performed under local anesthesia or sedation. We put a bandage for 24 hours to model ears to heal in the correct position. The ears may hurt a bit the first few days, but is easily relieved with medication. Should be avoided during the first month any activity that may bend the ears. Most people return to work the next day or on the following 2-3 days; children return to school in about 7 days, however they have to be beware of physical activities.

The result of the operation is permanent and very rewarding.

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