“My gaze now reflects my real mood”

Sergi Jasanada, photographer, is extremely happy with the intervention Dr Sanza performed in the area around his eyes.


BARCELONA, November 2015. “When I saw myself in the mirror every morning,” narrates the photographer Sergi Jasanada, “I saw a saddened gaze, my face looked tired. I wasn’t happy with this, because it didn’t reflect my true personality: I’m a very vibrant man.”

Sergi, only 40 years old, explains that excess skin on his eyelids and bags under his eyes, run in the family. “I inherited it from my mother, which is why I wanted to find a solution before getting older.”

The photographer chose the Sanza Clinic because “being in expert hands, and having the services of a renowned surgeon, is really important.” Doctor Ignacio F. Sanza examined his case and decided that a blepharoplasty, i.e. an intervention in the area around the eyes, could help Sergi to feel better.

“This intervention is requested by men and women equally,” Doctor Sanza explains, “because eyes express our mood, and are the first thing we see when we look in the mirror.” Both the young and the more elderly, interested in this type of operation to help them feel happier about the appearance of their gaze, come to the Sanza Clinic.

“This type of surgery offers almost instant results,” Doctor Sanza adds. “In just a few weeks, the patient can lead a normal life and look rejuvenated”.

“I’m very happy with the Doctor’s work,” adds Jasanada, “because my gaze finally reflects my real mood.”

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