We currently have a range of treatments to define a male labial profile. We can increase or decrease both lips, correct lip asymmetry and remove silicone. Clinica Sanza professionals can correct the shape or volume, getting in a simple manner, the desired lip. The materials we use are always compatible with the body and analogous to the labial tissue consistency.

  • OPERATING ROOM: Treatments inquiries or 1 hour of operating theater
  • SURGERY: Outpatient or operating room

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The volume increment is indicated in patients with very small and thin lips or with a very pronounced thinning caused by premature aging. The treatment is performed under local anesthesia (as a dentist) using hyaluronic acid as resorbable and polyacrylamide or autograft of own fat as definitive. In one or more sessions, the choice of the patient, gradually we will get the volume and the desired profile. Recovery after each session is immediate and the results are excellent.

The volume decrease is demanded by patients with very thick lips, either by ethnic reasons or personal desires. In this case proceed to a simple surgical procedure through an incision in the inner lip. Subsequently excess tissue is removed restructuring the shape and size to the patient’s wishes. The procedure is very simple, does not usually exceed one hour, requires local anesthesia and the scar is completely unnoticed by being camouflaged inside the lip.

Medical consultation by extraction of biopolymers or silicones or other substances has increased in recent years. More and more patients come with more or less deformed lips and looking for a solution to this problem both aesthetic and also for health reasons at times. We always recommend removing the silicone lips, over the years they may produce infection, granulomas, asymmetries, impaired sensation and movement. Excising excess tissue or unwanted substance we will get an aesthetic and harmonious result in line with the rest of the facial structure. This is performed under local anesthesia, placing some stitches almost invisible in the oral mucosa are that are removed within a few days.

Another type of surgeries is related to corrective or remedial chieloplasty. It is practiced in patients who have undergone alterations in the lips, whether of genetic origin (as in the so-called cleft lip) or acquired (an accident, injury or illness).

cirugia estetica LABIOS hombre

You need to assess each patient and each of the facial structures to try to give the desired solutions. The key to our success is the proper use of the material to infiltrate, our surgical techniques as precise and meticulous, as well as the vast experience of our professionals.

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