Male abdominal liposuction

With the onset of the fall we recover certain routines, such as going to the gym and starting a balanced diet. However, what happens if we are not capable of reducing or eliminating localized fat in the abdominal area with any of those two things? In this case, the recommended treatment is male abdominal liposuction at the Clínica Sanza in Lleida. With this technique, you will get rid of the fat forever and your abdomen muscles will stand out.



The procedure is performed with a series of small incisions and then a cannula is inserted to remove excess fat. Thus, it is possible to model the abdominal area. Clínica Sanza recommends this operation in case it is impossible to remove accumulated fat and the quality of the abdomen skin is good and does not present any type of hernia.

The lipo laser technique is used for male abdominal liposuction. Thus, the abdomen is corrected and thereafter the excess skin retracts. In the field of megaliposuction, Dr. Ignacio Sanza has become one of the most prestigious surgeons.


The operation leaves almost no scars, since the cannulas that absorb the fat are very thin. Once the operation has been carried out, you just have to wear a compression for a week and receive a massage in the abdominal area to accelerate the recovery. When this time has finished, you will notice the change immediately. Finally, it highlights the muscles of your abdomen.

In most cases, you only need a local anaesthetic or mild sedation and you will not have to be admitted into a hospital. The recovery period is usually short and you can immediately return to your normal activity. The effects of the intervention are long lasting and they will be perceived in just a few days.

Will fat reappear in the area?

The male abdominal liposuction technique eliminates large amounts of fat from the abdomen, from 500 grams to 20 kilos. This fat will not bother you again because it disappears forever.

By means of Dr. Sanza’s methods you will have very satisfactory results because it is a minimally invasive operation without scars. His techniques have been implemented by many surgeons around the world.

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