When a young boy or a mature man with small penis has a complex, we advise to consult with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon because it can help a lot. Not only in the aesthetic issue, but also confidence, self-esteem and satisfying social relationships.

We can flatter the penis, make it thicker, remove skin excess in foreskin or testicles, aesthetically and physiological.

  • OPERATING ROOM: 1-2 hours of operating theater
  • ANESTHESIA: Local, Local + Sedation

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We recommend practicing circumcision when the penis is flaccid and it has a childish aspect because of a excess of skin too visible. Good circumcision, well done doesn’t need to completely remove all the skin of the glans as some specialists, but you may leave some skin covering the glans or leave completely uncovered as preferred by the patient. So that way we leave the penis with a nice, clean aesthetic, improving the hypersensitivity of the glans, as well as giving a more masculine or manly penis look. This small operation allows removing skin excess covering the glans when flaccid or in erection. Sometimes skin excess may form a ring or constriction ring around the glans erection, which is congested, causing pain and bruising it.

The circumcision operation is performed under local anesthesia with anesthetic cream, which causes no pain and scars remain hidden in the corona of the glans.

The length of the penis can be highly variable from one guy to another. It is true that some breeds may have longer than others but within the same breed there are small and retractable penises.

We can get penis enlargement as long as the suspensory ligament allows. It’s easy to know what we will get. When a guy takes a shower with cold water or underwear is removed, the penis can retract and be shorter, at this time, if you stretch down the glans using the thumb and forefinger for 15 seconds and then release the fingers, the penis is longer and stretched. Well, this is what you get, ie a few more inches in length.

The surgical procedure is performed under local anesthesia and / or sedation and works by weakening or severing the suspensory ligament and the lateral or cuneiform ligaments. To access them we need to leave a small scar on the pubis imperceptible because of pubic hair. It’s a simple, painless and outpatient procedure.

Sometimes we use a machine (extender) for one or more months after surgery if we see a tendency to penile retraction.

The penis can be long but thin, however thickness is often associated with the length.

There are several techniques to thicken the penis: injecting biological substances permanent mesh, absorbable substances or fat grafts. If a patient wants to try how it would be a thicker penis, we advise injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin of the penis, which will be reabsorbed within a few months. If, however, you want a permanent thickness, our advice is to inject your own fatty tissue from the abdomen or flanks or even better, place a biological skin mesh.

All procedures are performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.

Thickening with own fat involves removing fat from the abdomen or flanks using very fine cannulas that leave no sign or stiches and place the fatty tissue (previously filtered, decanted and centrifuged) under the skin of the penis. A good choice for long but narrow penis. If it is a short or retractable penis we advise to use biologic mesh.

Thickening with biologic mesh consists on placing a collagen membrane that is integrated, behaving like a biodynamic tissue, leaving an increase of the thickness completely homogenous and hard. We best advise the mesh over own fat although each patient should be assessed separately. Both techniques have their good indications.

Some young people may develop a hiperelasticity of testicles skin. But over the years, it may happen that the testicles fall over too much and the surrounding skin is become too lax, even unsightly or uncomfortable with sport or underwear.

Profile view of the erect penis, excess scrotal skin, which does not begin at the base of the penis but at half of it or even more to the glans, gives an appearance of small penis or turkey neck. Also if the testicles have hair it can be annoying in masturbation and sex despite shaving or depilate.

If this happens, we can work it out very easily under local anesthesia without leaving visible scars at all. The scar is along the middle “raphe” which is the physiological streak that all men have running from underneath the penis to the anus.

Sometimes, in adolescence, the testicles do not develop well and are of a small size that can be complexed to a youth or adult. Other times it may develop one testicle and not the other. And sometimes patients attend with the lack of a testicle by accident or disease.

If this happens we propose two solutions:

  • Testicular prosthesis. That is, let the small testicle a little closer to the base of the penis so that it is not noticeable, but continue to exert his physiological function of forming sperm and male hormones. We place a larger testicular prosthesis. The size of these prostheses depends on penis size, body composition of young or size you want to have.
  • Fill the scrotal bag with a collagen to give a volume. When deep touch the equally tiny testicles touch, but we got swell scrotum bag and visually testicles looks thicker and proportionate to the patient’s body and penis.

If the patient is satisfied with the result, we recommend the microinjections of own fat in the skin of the scrotum. This got a thicker skin, such as when the testicles are collected. This thicker skin will be similar to the thickening of the skin of the penis.

Our intimate surgery is very safe, simple, affordable and painless. But we recommend following this type of postoperative:

  • We recommend taking a few days off work or school after surgery.
  • Wearing comfortable clothes at home the first 2 or 3 days.
  • Just after the intervention it is needed to avoid having erections. If it occurs involuntarily recommend applying an ice pack in the belly or the pubis. To avoid nocturnal erections, we advise to take a medication for a few days, which inhibits erections as long as necessary.
  • Showering with mild soap, do not use greasy creams to shower. Then put a new dressing on the scar or use spray dressings. This dressing will take one week.
  • You should give up playing sports and having sex from 2 to about 4 weeks.
  • No smoking more than 5 cigarettes a day, a week before and after two weeks, as the snuff hinders healing.

There are other abnormalities of the penis such curvatures, malposition, induration etc. all less common but also treated by intimate male surgery specialists of Clinica Sanza.

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