Micropigmentation is an aesthetic specialty that focuses on beautifying, rebalance, correct, semi-permanently, certain facial or body features, by implanting pigment into the skin.

  • ANESTHESIA: Anesthetic Cream
  • SURGERY: Ambulatory

Micropigmentation may be performed for various purposes such as:

  • Aesthetics: Facial Micropigmentation (Eyebrows, Eyes, Eye Liner)
  • Reconstructive: Areolas in patients after breast reconstruction in patients with vitiligo, burns and scars.
  • Hair micropigmentation: to correct alopecia, scars grafts or transplants on the scalp and other hairy areas scars as eyebrows, beard etc.


Hair Micropigmentation is a nonsurgical treatment to restore the hairline, where there is little or no hair. You can also improve the appearance of fine hair. It is an adjunctive therapy in addition to hair transplants or medical treatments (PRP) for hair loss.

The most popular applications of treatment are:

  • Shaved or short hair style, this is usually the best method for Baldness or Alopecia
  • Repair of scars in hairy areas.
  • Increase density for patients who are experiencing thinning hair or just want a thicker appearance.
Micropigmentación capilar

The treatment is usually carried out in two or three sessions, depending on the color, density and shape of the hairline. Each session can take from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the extent of the treated area. Most clients describe the feeling of treatment as a slight tingling on the scalp; it can also be controlled with a local anesthetic to ensure maximum comfort, if the patient wishes.

The results are immediate. We suggest some annual retouching of pigmentation as the pigment is reabsorbing.

Please do not do this treatment with permanent tattoo since the first year will be equal but eventually pigment migrates, so it moves and be the scalp will look as if it had been painted. Always do it with absorbable natural micropigment, although it should be reviewed every 1-2 years, if a good hair density is wished.

Through these treatments, patients experience a better image of themselves and more rejuvenated.

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