In Clinica Sanza we used a new strategy to improve the premature facial aging or unwanted. This technique consists of three combined treatments: stretching the face and neck, applying thread lift to reaffirm the lines of the face and remodeling of fatty tissue with lipofilling or lipolaser. This new concept has been contributed by Clinica Sanza specialists (Spain, America, Italy and Russia). Facelift

  • OPERATING ROOM: Appointment Treatments or 2-3 hours of operating room
  • ANESTHESIA: Local, Local + sedation
  • SURGERY: Ambulatory

Before and after pictures

The periocular region is usually the first to be affected.

The skin of the eyelids begins to fall and leave the typical bags, causing a tired and aged look. It is one of the most common interventions in the mature man who wishes to remain careful. The excess skin and clumps or periocular fat hernias can be corrected with a small outpatient procedure. We can even change the shape of the eye if the patient wishes. The operation can be done from inside the eyelid and leaves no visible scar.

Signs of aging on the face can start very early, that is to say 35-40 years and usually progressive.

The origin is genetic, there is a hereditary predisposition but also influenced by environmental factors such as fatigue, poor sleep, stress, smoking, too much sun, etc.

The facial lines are modified face down. The cheekbones lose their turgor, deepened nasolabial folds; jaw line loses its definition. In all face a misdemeanor or drop of fat and skin can be appreciate, which causes an aged aspect regarding your biological age.

Once it occurs, and annoys aesthetically or psychologically, we can solve it with our protocol. We will recover the lost of fat density, will reaffirm facial features and remove excess of skin, leaving no visible scars.

Whether age, genetic reasons or even significant loss of overweight, it may appear flab and fat in the neck, causing an unsightly double chin that sometimes is even uncomfortable to shave or dress shirt and tie.

If there is excess fat, we can eliminate it directly with a small liposuction or lipolaser. Liposuction is recommended for younger patients with elastic skin taut. In case of inelastic skin, sagging skin or gill excesses we do a little stretching intervention for the neck behind the ears.

If the patient’s chin is small, we can put a chin implant to create a strong, masculine jaw. Achieve a significant structural definition of the jaw and thus obtain a well defined neck angle, if the patient wishes.

The day of the visit, we recommend to bring some of your photos, where you feel beautiful, secure and young (is normal when we take pictures ourselves, always throw out many of them where we don’t look good, but there are some in which we felt reflected well). We value your face and the changes that time has brought. We will advise the best strategy, according to your expectations and needs. This implies that we personalize each case and the treatment will be different, placing greater emphasis on the most affected or uncomfortable areas for the patient.

Our technique Facelift is performed under local anesthesia or, if you prefer, with mild sedation, and in 1-2 hours get the desired result. All this simple, natural and economic safely.

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