One of the most common and requested cosmetic surgeries now a days by man is increasing upper and lower limbs by placing implants.

This procedure requires careful technique and proper prior assessment of each individual case, in order to bring the final result to the patient’s wishes. We must value the desired volume, projection, physical constitution and skin quality, among other factors. This primary assessment will define the type of prosthesis that best suits the patient.

  • OPERATING ROOM: 1-2 hours of operating theater
  • ANESTHESIA: Local + sedation
  • SURGERY: Ambulatory

Before and after pictures

Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders Implants allow you to create more and better muscle definition and increase the mass of the upper arm and back.

The prosthetic buttocks and calves let you create a more youthful look and muscular to the buttocks and legs that are poor developed.

This procedure is effective for men who do or cannot do sports or also if they do not develop these mentioned muscles. Also for those who have suffered injuries with muscle atrophy and asymmetries and they need to increase muscle mass to achieve the desired physiognomy.

We use silicone implants that are placed through a small incision in the armpit, in the gluteal cleft or the popliteal fossa (behind the knees).

Once the implants are placed, the incisions are sutured and a drain is placed, which will remain for a period of 24 hours. The procedure itself takes about an hour. After surgery the patient should wear a compression bandage that is removed the next day, while the drains are removed and replaced with a special belt that enables us to keep the prosthesis in the desired location and avoid possible occurrence bruising and fluid collections. The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia or sedation; the points are removed after about 7-10 days.

The patient can start their normal activities after leaving the clinic, taking care not to perform forced movements or lifting. Exercise can restart after a month of surgery progressively.

Protesis corporales para hombres

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